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Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Round the World Trips

Posted by Editor on December 10, 2023


Embarking on a round-the-world motorcycle journey is a dream for many adventure seekers. If you're considering taking the plunge into this thrilling experience, our comprehensive resource guide is here to help you navigate the planning process and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

How to Prepare for a Round-the-World Motorcycle Trip

Starting the preparations for a round-the-world motorcycle trip can be overwhelming. From choosing the right gear to planning your route, there's a lot to consider. Our guide breaks down the essential steps to kickstart your journey, covering everything from initial planning to gear selection.

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Round-the-World Motorcycle Routes

Selecting the countries and regions you'll ride through is a crucial early step in planning your journey. Our guide helps you navigate this process, offering insights into creating a rough route, understanding entry requirements for each country, and staying updated on changing world events that may affect your itinerary.

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Motorcycle Travel Paperwork

Paperwork can often be a daunting aspect of motorcycle travel. Our guide simplifies the paperwork process by detailing visa requirements, temporary imports, insurance needs, and more. Stay on top of the necessary documents to ensure a smooth journey around the world.

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Costs of a Round-the-World Motorcycle Trip

Understanding the financial aspects of a motorcycle journey around the world is essential for proper budgeting. Our guide delves into the initial costs of gear, bike selection, routes, and living expenses. Discover smart budgeting tips and learn how to make the most of your resources on this epic adventure.

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Motorcycle Training and Skills

Enhancing your riding skills before setting off on a round-the-world trip can boost confidence and safety on the road. Discover the best off-road training schools in the UK and prepare yourself for diverse terrain and challenging conditions encountered during your global adventure.

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International Motorcycle Shipping

Shipping your motorcycle plays a vital role in your journey logistics. Understand the options available, shipping procedures, and costs involved in transporting your bike internationally. Our ultimate shipping guide offers valuable insights to help you navigate this aspect effectively.

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Choosing Your Adventure Motorcycle

Selecting the ideal adventure bike for your round-the-world expedition is a critical decision. Explore the pros and cons of different motorcycle options and find valuable advice on choosing and modifying a bike for long-distance travel. Make an informed decision to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride across the globe.

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Health and Safety on the Road

Prioritizing your health and safety during your motorcycle journey is paramount. Explore emergency satellite devices, motorcycle travel insurance essentials, and practical tips for staying healthy and secure while travelling. Ensure you're well-prepared for any unforeseen challenges on the road.

Safety and Dealing With Accident Injuries

Motorcycle safety is essential for riders to prevent accidents, as they are more susceptible to injuries compared to car occupants. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include left-turning drivers, impairment, bad weather, distracted drivers, blind spots, and road debris. In Arizona, new laws allow lane-filtering for motorcyclists, improving safety at intersections.

In case of accidents, it is important to collect information, seek medical attention, and consult a motorcycle accident lawyer for legal guidance. Various injuries from motorcycle accidents, such as traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and loss of limb, can result in different settlement amounts. Proving negligence in a motorcycle accident lawsuit is crucial to receive compensation for damages. Consulting with a skilled Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer can help navigate the complexities of filing a claim and securing fair compensation.

Navigating Your Adventure

Efficient navigation is key to a successful round-the-world trip. Discover the best navigation devices, from smartphones to GPS systems, to guide you seamlessly across various terrains and destinations. Find the ideal tools to keep you on track during your global motorcycle exploration.

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